Gear List

When planning trips and buying gear, I always like to see what other people use to get ideas. Now that I am touring myself I thought I should give back and share my gear lists! I will make an updated version of this for each new trip that I take.

Bicycle Touring Japan 2023 – Hokkaido to Kagoshima

This 3 month, 3,000 mile / 5,000 km journey took me from the northernmost to the southernmost points on the mainland of Japan. I used a traditional 4 pannier bicycle touring set up and rode almost entirely on streets.

Click here for my Bicycle Touring Japan Gear List

Tour Aotearoa 2024 – New Zealand

The Tour Aotearoa is a 1,900 mile / 3,000 km adventure across gravel roads, mountain bike paths, sand beaches, and more! For this trip I’m taking a lighter and more agile bikepacking set up.

Click here for my Tour Aotearoa Gear List