One Picture Per Day

When I travel, I usually take way too many pictures. Then when I want to post them on social media, I often end up uploading so many that nobody would ever care to look through all of them. That’s why I came up with the idea of posting just one picture per day. Being restricted to only one picture per day, I have to be very deliberate about which pictures to post. These aren’t necessarily the best or most artistic photos of each day, but instead I try to pick a pic that best represents the feelings of that day.

I will be updating this as I go with just one picture per day for all of my bicycle trips! These pictures will be mostly all just raw, unprocessed images.

New Zealand 2024

Part 1 – Tour Aotearoa – North Island

Part 2 – Tour Aotearoa – South Island

Japan 2023

Part 1Bicycle Touring Hokkaido

Part 2Bicycle Touring Tohoku

Part 3Bicycle Touring Kanto

Part 4 Bicycle Touring Chubu

Part 5Bicycle Touring Kansai

Part 6Bicycle Touring Chugoku

Part 7Bicycle Touring Shikoku

Part 8Bicycle Touring Kyushu