Where is Benjamin’s money? I track every penny I spend, so you can see the exact costs of bicycle touring !

Keep in mind that everybody has a different style of touring that will significantly affect their average daily spending. For each trip I will list some key points for my style to help you gauge my spending.

New Zealand 2024

Average daily spending: $88.13 NZD

  1. It was hard to categorize some of my accommodations because they could realistically fit into multiple categories so I tried my best. I camped for 19 nights, stayed in hostels and guesthouses for 7 nights, AirBnBs twice, Holiday Park cabins twice, once in a hotel, and I was hosted in a house once.
    • Average cost of accommodation per night: $38.87 NZD
  2. Typically I tried to eat out at local bakeries or buy fresh food for one meal per day when I ended up in a town for the day. For the rest of my meals and snacks I mostly bought and cooked food from grocery stores.
    • Average cost of food per day: $34.25 NZD

Direct link to my Spending Spreadsheet

Japan 2023

  1. I stayed in hotels for 38 nights, camped for 34, and stayed in hostels and guesthouses for 9 nights.
  2. I mostly bought food from convenience stores, drug stores, and supermarkets. I did not carry a stove to cook with.
  3. I do not drink alcohol.

Direct link to my Spending Spreadsheet