I’m riding my bicycle across Japan.

One of my biggest life goals has been to go on an epic adventure and see the world unrestricted by time or any other obligations. When I first wanted to do such a thing, I was too young. When I was old enough, I developed a chronic illness. When I learned to manage my illness, covid happened. The timing finally feels right, so I quit my job to chase my dream. I took a ferry to Hokkaido and from there I’ll spend the next 3 months or so cycling from Cape Soya, the northernmost point of Japan, to Cape Sata, the southernmost part of Kyushu.

I don’t know where the road will take me and I don’t have a planned route. I don’t know how long it will take, how many kilometers I’ll ride, or if I’ll even make it all the way. All I have is what I can carry on my bicycle and my will to keep pedaling. But I’ve never been so excited. The adventure begins…

I will be uploading pictures, videos, and maps of my journey as I go on this website. If you are interested in bicycle touring or just Japan in general check back every so often to see where I’m at! I will be carrying everything with me on my bicycle and camping most nights so I won’t always have internet and computer access. Updates will be slightly delayed and probably not consistent, but I will do my best to share the journey as I go!

My bicycle! A Louis Garneau Beacon 9, a steel touring bike only made in Japan.

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Live updating Map of where I have traveled!

One Picture Per Day taken along the route!

How much I am Spending each day!